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From a very early age, kids around the globe are raised hearing great stories about this ideal known as a “dream job,” where people make vast fortunes, either monetarily or internally doing the things they love.  For some this job may be a doctor, an astronaut, a firefighter, a game show host or even a professional athlete.   This ideal, obviously varies with girls, boys, interests, upbringing, socio-economic status, and numerous other factors.  However, after years of research and countless hours in-front of a television, I may have very well found a job that could even make King Midas envious.  What is this holy grail I speak of?  A member of the hit ESPN television  program Pardon the Interruption (PTI).  Take a look at this behind the scenes video of the cast during a commercial break playing dodge ball with co-host Tony Kornheiser and tell me this isn’t a workplace you’d be glad to show up to everyday?


In a recent interview with ESPN Radio Milwaukee, the Green Bay Packers starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers had a few hurtful things to say about the host of Pardon the Interruption.  As much as I wish he was referring to Michael Wilbon in his outlandish statement; he was in fact calling out the “loveable” Tony Kornheiser when he says:

You know who was better than Tony Kornheiser? Dennis Miller was ten times better. Dennis Miller was a great comedian, but one of the worst Monday Night Football guys ever. And he was ten times better than Tony Kornheiser. His stuff was actually funny. Tony stuff wasn’t funny at all. He did no research. We’d sit in those production meetings and he would add absolutely nothing to the conversation. I’d be like, ‘What are we doing here? This is stupid.’… You get in there with Tony and he’s asking you all these dumb questions that have no application to the game you are playing or anything you are doing. He’s terrible… I don’t think he’s funny. I don’t think he’s insightful. I don’t think knows anything about sports.

It may be worth noting that Tony Kornheiser has never been particularly fond of Aaron Rodgers either and that if you asked the PTI head honcho who his favorite quarterback in the NFL is, he might say the Minnesota Vikings Brett Favre.  That’s correct, Tony is a long-time Brett Favre fan and supporter who was vividly upset when the Packers in essence forced the living legend known as “The Silver Fox” to retire before he was ready to.  I am dying to know how Tony Kornheiser will respond to these comments as I know many others are.  I personally enjoy the bright and colorful commentary that Tony brings to the Monday Night Football telecast, how about you?