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Congratulations NFL fans, we are all big winners this week as we will be treated for the first time in 64 years to football on a Tuesday evening!  If you agree with me on this highly debated topic,  I recommend you keep that opinion on the DL if ever around Philadelphia governor, Ed Rendell who ripped the NFL for postponing the Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings Sunday night game due to “severe weather.”  After the “Snowpocalypse” left far far less than the 100 feet originally predicted by Meteorologists (the only job where being wrong 100% of the time is acceptable) the governor had these thrilling words for Roger Goodell and his constitutes down at the National Football League headquarters:

“We’ve become a nation of wusses. The Chinese are kicking our butt in everything. If this was in China do you think the Chinese would have called off the game? People would have been marching down to the stadium, they would have walked and they would have been doing calculus on the way down.”

Holy Simon and Garfunkel, what a breath of fresh air theses comment are.  Then again have you ever seen or heard Ed Rendell speak?  The man is so full of pizzazz, energy and strong opinions, that he makes Richard Simmons look like a nun during Sunday night mass.  The real question here is whether or not Ed Rendell’s comments are as far off as a Shaq free throw or as dead on as a military sniper?  I tend to lean heavily in favor of what was said for nothing more than how soft the NFL has become in general.  The “No Fun League” has now officially become softer than Pee Wee Herman after a long day at the movies.  Honestly, does anyone remember the epic New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders “Snow Bowl?”  Now that was real football and fun football to say the least!

I don’t need to hear the NFL and city of Philadelphia saying that the game was postponed because they feared for the safety of its fans.  Really?  If you care so much about your fan base, why don’t you also help them out by reducing ticket prices instead of increasing them?  If you’re watching out for your fan base, why don’t you stop charging regular season prices for pre-season football?  The notion that the NFL gives two shits about its fans is as likely as Qatar building hotels strictly for same-sex intercourse at the 2022 World Cup.  As usual this decision to postpone the game was 100% based on the Benjamins!  Why not just play the game on Monday?  Oh, thats right because then it would have been a battle between networks in NBC and ESPN, which translates to plenty of lost $ signs.  Sooo the NFL cares about its fans, huh?  Yah right! Keep telling yourself that. I also got plenty of green, grassy pastures to sell you in Antarctica.


“All’s fair in love and war”, we’ve all heard it, but very few actually understand the meaning of this fascinating quote.  I need not run off some lengthy definition that some guy name Webster wants us to believe to be true, so instead The Sports Mole uses the best way he knows how to make learning fun – by using sports!  By the way, will Raider’s fans ever catch a break? Jeez.

This video shows that you don’t need TNT to “know drama” as this kid provides enough to last a lifetime after his beloved San Diego Chargers suffered defeat at the hands of the enigma known as the Oakland Raiders.  I’m not sure what’s more hilarious, the way the kid reacted to his Chargers losing to the Raiders or that his mom had the decency to film the ordeal and upload it to YouTube for our viewing pleasures.  Either way as the great Daniel Tosh once said, “And for that we thank you.”