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9.8, it’s not just the number of ounces in a Powerade bottle; it’s also the number of seconds it took for the national media to latch on to Derrick Rose as the next big thing, the second coming of Jordan and the humble superstar to captivate all our hearts.

            Let me preface this rant by stating that Derrick Rose is a great player. He deserved to win the regular season MVP award and in my opinion, will be a star in this league for years to come. His lackluster performance in the Eastern Conference Finals was a combination of tired legs from carrying the Bulls all season, and from the stifling Heat defense, specifically when LeBron James guarded him.

            It’s funny to see the reactions of prominent media members, “objectively” stating their disgust after a Bulls loss, while placing the blame on who they now claim to be an overrated Rose. So he was the greatest player since Jordan just a few months ago, but is now undeserving of his MVP trophy? Methinks there are ulterior motives at play here….

            The sad truth is Derrick Rose was unfairly crowned as savior to the thousands of non-Heat fans, all rooting against the King. He’s too young and too inexperienced to bear the weight of all this pressure, bestowed upon him by the bitter media determined to fight the “evil one” himself.

I get it. It was easy to pick this quiet kid as a sort of martyr, representing the slighted of the basketball world. He doesn’t talk trash, has the necessary skills and seems determined to do it all by himself (unlike the Big 3). Face it; he’s the perfect “anti-Lebron.” He’s the Superman to Lebron’s Lex Luthor, the Batman to James’ Joker, the Captain Am….eh, you get it.

We’re all beginning to “witness” that whether you love him or hate him, LeBron James is the best player in the NBA. He is better than Rose. He is better than Kobe. He is even better than his own teammate Wade. That pisses a lot of people off, those chugging the “Haterade.” I truly pity the MVP now that the Bulls are eliminated and the media’s fixation with him is done, his greatness forgotten, left to wallow in the emptiness of Jordan’s shadow.

The desperate media now move on to their last remaining hope against a LeBron championship, the final obstacle standing in the way of his rings: The German Larry Bird, the greatest shooter ever, the true MVP….until he loses and gets completely ripped and casted aside like his predecessors.

I feel for you, Dirk.

– Carlos Sanchez


After the utter domination by the Los Angeles Lakers of the Boston Celtics  in Game 1 of the NBA Finals; Boston fans didn’t have many good things to talk about.  However, as usual when there isn’t anything positive to say about the performance of the hometown Celtics, do the next best thing……insult your oppositions fans.  Well, that’s exactly what the Boston Herald did in a recent article when they asked Celtics supporters to vote on the most annoying LA Laker celebrity fans and here are the results:

Spike Lee– 28%

Jack Nicholson – 27%

Tom Cruise – 22%

Mark Wahlberg – 10%

Rick Fox -4%

Leonardo DiCaprio – 3%

Dyan Cannon – 2%

Others – 4%

As impressive of a list as this is, the Sports Mole has a few problems with two of the people who received high vote tallies.  Shall we start with Spike Lee?  I’m not sure, but isn’t Spike a New York Knicks guy?  Yah, I thought so.  Spike lives and breathes everything New York, which begs the question why he would be cheering for the Lakers?  I think it’s clear that if the Knicks aren’t being represented in the NBA Finals, well then the next best thing is rooting for any team playing the hated Celtics.  The second problem I have and perhaps the most perplexing is since when is Tom Cruise a sports fan?  Does he think that since he played the lead role in the sports movie Jerry Maguire that he automatically knows what he is talking about when it comes to shooting hoops?   Honestly, if you ask me the only reason Tom Cruise goes to Lakers game is because he wants to come off as a more manly man.  After all his wife, Katie Holmes is almost two feet taller than him and clearly wears the pants in that marriage. I’m not a doctor, but if I had to diagnose Maverick, I would say he is likely suffering a severe case of little big man syndrome.  I can guarantee you that when I think of celebrity Laker fans, Tom Cruise’s name is no where near the top of the list.  To be honest I think this list compiled is quite pathetic and that there are a lot more deserving names that should be put on this list like Dustin Hoffman, Sylvester Stallone, Snoop Dog, Adam Sandler because I thought it was most annoying celebrity Laker’s “fans” not tag-along groupies.