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I’m not sure what this student said to the Vanderbilt mascot known as Mr. C, but after seeing the blood spewing down that young man’s face after taking a dirty right hook to the dome, my best guess it was something about his momma.  Let this be a lesson to future students, the mascots are taking their gymnasiums and arenas back – WATCH OUT!


The Indiana Hoosiers basketball squad may not have been ranked heading into their showdown with the #20 Minnesota Golden Gophers last night, but they came out of it with a W and one of the top plays in the history of that illustrious program.  Hoosier forward Tom “I won’t paint your picket fence white” Pritchard laid down a superhero type dunk off of a long miss that had men and women alike covering their mouthes and saying stuff like “DAMN, honky got some hops!”  Guess what, those people would be dead on, so no, don’t kill whitey, congratulate him cause that was sick.

They’re 20-0 and the AP Top 25 has them ranked sixth in their latest poles, who am I talking about?  That’s correct, the San Diego State Aztec men’s basketball team.  Stand up if you saw that one before the season started?  Hardly!  The real question is, how many of you college basketball enthusiasts can name at least one player on the team? How about Tim Shelton? Is that the guy from the sprain on hair late night infomercials?  I feel like we know more about the ghost detainees kept at Guantanamo Bay, than we do about this Aztecs team and that’s saying something!  Fear not evildoers, thanks to my close friend, Mr. Google Search, I managed to uncover that the Aztecs have an extraordinarily well-rounded squad, that has no player averaging more than 16 points per game, yet eight players averaging double-digit minutes.  Ohhhh…Ahhh…Hmmm?  Why then is bench warmer Tim Shelton (2.1 ppg, 1.9 rpg) releasing a track called “Game Time Ready?”  This has an eerily similar feel to that of the Ohio State Buckeyes former bench-warmer extraordinaire Mark Titus, si or no?  Never shocks me the lengths some will go to for fame.


The Butler Bulldog’s sensational 6-foot-9 sophomore, Gordon Hayward is currently contemplating whether to stay for another season at Butler or opt to try his luck in the NBA.  Well, Gordon I love you and think you have the potential to be an above average player in the NBA someday, but seriously stay in school.  It is easy to see why Hayward would want to go to the pros, considering Butler will likely never reach the peak of the mountain that they did this year, falling a half-court miracle shot short of being crowned the most unlikely National Champs in the history of college basketball.  However, Gordon needs to realize that this year’s NBA draft is exceptionally deep and I just don’t see him as a first round pick.  He is not athletic or quick enough to play the two or three guard and he’s not thick enough or physical enough to play the post. 

The NBA is all about athleticism and speed, both of which are not Gordon’s strong suits.  Quite the pickle then, eh?  It serves Gordon best to go back to Butler for another year or so and work on his overall game and improve his draft stock.  To be frank, he didn’t help his cause in the National Title game with his 2-11 shooting from the field.  If Hayward were to get drafted by a team he would be matching up against the likes of the Amare Stoudemires’, Pau Gasols’ and Josh Smith’s of the world.  Can you honestly see Gordon Hayward right now, if ever, matching up with these superstars cause those would be who he would have to guard on a night-in-night-out basis in the NBA. If Hayward does decide to drop out of school and pursue his chances in the NBA I think I speak for most when I say he would be making a huge mistake and one that he would likely regret for the rest of his life.  Gordon, stay at Butler and give it one more year and see if you and the rest of your squad can make another improbable run at a National Championship and then take your chances at the NBA.  You still have a way to go kid, but you’re well on your way.

In what most  expected to be an exceptionally lame and boring NCAA National Championship game between the Duke Blue Devils and Butler Bulldogs actually ended up turning into a phenomenal game for the ages.  This game was a low scoring affair, but the action was non-stop and fans definitely got their money worth.  There were countless lead changes and even with 3.6 seconds left on the clock and Duke’s Brian Zoubek on the line shooting free throws, something was lingering in the air that made you feel like Butler would still have a chance to win the game.  Well, that’s exactly what happened.  After Hayward rebounded the intentional missed free throw by Zoubek, he took a couple dribbles and heaved a half court shot that hit the backboard and bounced off the front of the rim before just bouncing out of the basket.  The mere site of that ball nearly going in had to have caused Coach Mike Krzyzewski to slightly wet his pants and numerous other coaches and players on the Duke sidelines.  However, the ball missed and Duke will now hoist its fourth National Championship banner in the rafters of Cameron Indoor Stadium.

With this win, Coach Krzyzewski adds another impressive stat and championship to his already unbelievable resume, but does this victory spell the end of an era for one of the greatest college coaches ever?  I think it very well might!  With the New Jersey Nets currently looking for a high-profile coach, the Net’s incoming Russian billionaire owner Mikhail Prokhorov getting ready to take the reigns and a supposed 12-15 million dollar a season contract on the table; why wouldn’t he jump to the NBA?  Coach K has done and won everything he possibly can at the college basketball level.   I understand that he has been with the program for ages and he has arguably the greatest set up any college coach could possibly ask for; but the challenge of winning at the NBA level may be appealing enough to bring him to New Jersey.  That or the fact that he would be making more money than a vast majority of the players the National Basketball Association is made up of.

It wouldn’t be dumb of you to use the past failures of Louisville’s Rick Pitino and Florida’s Billy Donovan to help justify staying in the college ranks, but all you have to do is take a look inside his big old office and see that Olympic gold medal hanging over his fireplace to see he can bring the goods to the next level.  Coach K isn’t a typical coach who tries to use all of these psychological tactics to motivate college players that clearly wouldn’t work in the next level.  However, he is a coach who prepares and studies with the best of coaches at any level.  His attention to detail and the respect he as already gained with the NBA’s elite (Kobe, Lebron, Carmelo, etc) would give him instant credibility and force players to respect and buy into his game plans.  Coach K isn’t getting any younger and doesn’t the mere idea or illusion of being a coach who has won a college national championship and NBA title out weigh the speculation failure?  I’m pretty sure no matter what happens, when all is said and done Coach Krzyzewski will be immortalized in the Basketball Hall of Fame.  Honestly coach, you have a lot less to lose and so much more to gain then what most think.  Give it a shot!

From what I am seeing and hearing from rumor mills, Web sites, blogs, coaches and NCAA men’s basketball correspondents, it’s looking more and more likely that March Madness is moving towards a field of 96 participants.  I’m sorry, but I guess this year’s March Madness wasn’t exciting enough even though it’s already been dubbed by many as the most exciting in history?  What is the purpose of expanding the field from 45 to 96?  There is none at all!  It really can only be described as simply dumb!  I’ve heard arguments that there would be more of these great upsets we saw this year like Ohio upsetting Georgetown or Murray State beating Vanderbilt if we had a larger field, but that’s the farthest thing from the truth.  All that happens by expanding the field is that for the first week of play we will see 17 seeds take on 15 seeds!  Is that what we really want because the top seeded teams would have a bye that first week of play. 
I would argue and argue hard that by expanding the March Madness field to 96 you are taking away all of the prestige and glam that comes with hearing your school named on Selection Sunday.  Doesn’t it?  It has to!  Did Connecticut, UCLA and North Carolina really belong in the NCAA Tournament this year?  Absolutely not!  By expanding the field to 96, it means that teams with sub-500 records would be getting in.  This means that teams are essentially wasting their entire regular season since it really means nothing.  It’s pathetic to know that this expansion is almost inevitable and the real reason for it is obviously the dollar bills that the next network would reap with a new contract being ready to bid on and guess who the front-runner is to land it?  Wow, ESPN, go figure.  Lastly, you think there is pressure on coaches now to make the NCAA tournament?  Well imagine if you don’t get into the field after they expand it to 96?  Poo will hit the fan and coaches will be fired left and right.  If you had it your way, what would you like to see happen moving forward?  Do we need to expand the field to 96 for any other reason that dollar signs?

With the Final Four rapidly approaching and several of the teams left playing that definitely weren’t expected to be here, who do you think will be the last one standing when all is said and done?