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9.8, it’s not just the number of ounces in a Powerade bottle; it’s also the number of seconds it took for the national media to latch on to Derrick Rose as the next big thing, the second coming of Jordan and the humble superstar to captivate all our hearts.

            Let me preface this rant by stating that Derrick Rose is a great player. He deserved to win the regular season MVP award and in my opinion, will be a star in this league for years to come. His lackluster performance in the Eastern Conference Finals was a combination of tired legs from carrying the Bulls all season, and from the stifling Heat defense, specifically when LeBron James guarded him.

            It’s funny to see the reactions of prominent media members, “objectively” stating their disgust after a Bulls loss, while placing the blame on who they now claim to be an overrated Rose. So he was the greatest player since Jordan just a few months ago, but is now undeserving of his MVP trophy? Methinks there are ulterior motives at play here….

            The sad truth is Derrick Rose was unfairly crowned as savior to the thousands of non-Heat fans, all rooting against the King. He’s too young and too inexperienced to bear the weight of all this pressure, bestowed upon him by the bitter media determined to fight the “evil one” himself.

I get it. It was easy to pick this quiet kid as a sort of martyr, representing the slighted of the basketball world. He doesn’t talk trash, has the necessary skills and seems determined to do it all by himself (unlike the Big 3). Face it; he’s the perfect “anti-Lebron.” He’s the Superman to Lebron’s Lex Luthor, the Batman to James’ Joker, the Captain Am….eh, you get it.

We’re all beginning to “witness” that whether you love him or hate him, LeBron James is the best player in the NBA. He is better than Rose. He is better than Kobe. He is even better than his own teammate Wade. That pisses a lot of people off, those chugging the “Haterade.” I truly pity the MVP now that the Bulls are eliminated and the media’s fixation with him is done, his greatness forgotten, left to wallow in the emptiness of Jordan’s shadow.

The desperate media now move on to their last remaining hope against a LeBron championship, the final obstacle standing in the way of his rings: The German Larry Bird, the greatest shooter ever, the true MVP….until he loses and gets completely ripped and casted aside like his predecessors.

I feel for you, Dirk.

– Carlos Sanchez


As part of The Sports Mole’s comprehensive coverage of the NBA, we bring you our mid-season grades and award picks in a two-piece series, broken down by conference. Because who knows more about basketball than some random dude in South Beach, am I right?! (Teams are placed in alphabetical order and in no way reflect the personal views of the author. I mean, come on. Why the heck would I root for the Hawks? Joe Johnson? Overpaid much? Alright, moving on….

Eastern Conference Playoff Teams

Atlanta Hawks: Can you pick their coach out of a lineup? Yeah, me neither. Grade: B Prediction: 5th seed

Boston Celtics: Pretty convinced that a baby seal is murdered every time I think about giving this team any credit, so I’ll hold back. Grade: A+ Prediction: 2nd seed

Chicago Bulls: In case you didn’t already know, Derrick Rose is really darn good. Also, Joakim Noah is a mindless buffoon. Grade: A Prediction: 3rd seed

Cleveland Cavaliers: Whoa, just had a weird flashback to the year 2010. They still have stinky 3G iPhones! (Bwahahahahaha) Grade: F+++++. Prediction: The Gutter

Indiana Pacers: Most annoying team in the league, but darn fun to watch. Roy Hibbert is also on my fantasy team, so that’s cool. Grade: C+ Prediction: 8th seed

Miami Heat: (Swoon. LeBron. Swoon. Swoon. LeBron. Swoooooooon). So what if I’m a homer…you want to fight about it? Grade: A- Prediction: 1st seed

New York Knicks: Renaldo Balkman is back and he’s ready to take on the collective world. Grade: B- Prediction: 6th seed (with Melo)

Orlando Magic: Stan Van Gundy’s yelp can be heard by bears from over a mile away. Believe me. It’s science. Grade: B+ Prediction: 4th seed

Philadelphia 76ers: Starting point guard is named ‘Jrue.’ That’s all I got on ‘em. Grade: C Prediction: 7th seed

East Rookie of the Year: John Wall; The Wiz

East Coach of the Year: Frank Vogel; Future Permanent Coach of the Pacers

East MVP: King James; The Heatles

East 6th Man Award: Glenn Davis; The Big Babies

– Carlos Sanchez

Do the Chicago Bulls know something the rest of the NBA world doesn’t or could the Lebron James #6 jersey that was selling on the today possibly be a brilliant marketing ploy by the Bulls organization to show Lebron how hot his jersey sales would be if he came to Chi Town?  You have to give the Bulls credit for how creative they’re getting in their attempts to lure King James to the Windy City.  Good Luck, but the Sports Mole still feels that Bron Bron will stay with his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers despite his current meetings with other NBA teams.  If he wasn’t staying in Cleveland, why in the world would have Cavaliers recently hired head coach Byron Scott agreed to coach the team?  I know Cleveland, Ohio definitely isn’t one of the top ten spots to live in your lifetime.   Byron Scott clearly has inside information on the Lebron James situation, chalk up the Akron Hammer back in Ohio!

We all know that athletes at all levels are superstitious, whether it’s rubbing the lucky rabbits foot, sacrificing a chicken (Pedro Cerrano of  the Major League Movie) or even doing things in intervals of three.  No it’s no OCD, but the Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade doesn’t simply sport the #3 on his jersey, he does everything on game day in increments of three.  Ever wondered why the cameras are always focused on Wade doing pull-ups before the start of each game?  Well, the Mole is glad you asked because Mr. Wade before each game starts his routine of threes by doing three pull-ups using the rim as his pull-up bar.  He also has to chew three pieces of gum throughout a game, no more and no less.  The first piece enters his mouth during pregame warm-ups, the second piece right before tip-off and the last piece during half-time.  Last, Dwayne drinks three full bottles of Gatorade during a game.  He has and will never break that ritual even if the team enters overtime.  We all know that the Miami Heat are not going undefeated every season or even close too, but this ritual is one that has stuck since he entered the NBA  seven seasons ago when he was a young buck attending Marquette University.  Now the question begs, where will his superstitions be playing next season?  Miami?  ChicagoNew York?  Tell the Mole what your thinking!