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As a society, we preach discipline. We teach structure, values, and morals, all while secretly undermining these ideals with the utmost hypocrisy. I’m not the ‘perfect person,’ nor is anyone else for that matter, so when I see an institution of higher learning — like BYU — make an example of a student for failing to achieve unrealistic expectations, my mind boggles (thanks for that wonderful phrase, D-Wade).

I have no problem with a religious university setting its own rules. When a student makes the decision to attend such a place, they forfeit some of their social rights as well. What I do have difficulty grasping is when the rules are seldom enforced, allowed to be broken by some, at the advantage of those writing them.

From my understanding of the Brandon Davies situation, he engaged in pre-marital sex with his current girlfriend which, under any other circumstances, would be commonplace for today’s youths; however, under the BYU code of conduct, this is strictly prohibited — along with drinking and the using of curse words.

What bothers me is that while BYU punishes Davies, thousands of other students get away with a weekend party binge, the occasional curse word, and even sexual activity. You see, a large school like this will obviously not act like a prison and monitor what each and every student is doing on a daily basis.

Drinking happens. Drugs are consumed. Love is ‘made.’ The only mistake a high-profile student athlete like Davies made was to succumb to the Mormon tradition of baby making (for shame!) Basically, he got caught, and the school moved swiftly to avoid the spread of this story acting as a blemish to their image.

The Mormons, like many other religions, naively put their beliefs on a pedestal while condemning those who are against them. But where does this false sense of entitlement end? When is the line crossed? I’d say when one of ‘your own’ has his hopes and dreams crushed, left with his future in shambles, and stuck in, all of places, crappy Utah.

Meanwhile, the NCAA sits back and allows athletes like Cam Newton and O.J. Mayo to collect bigger dollar paychecks and new Escalades. Oh, how financial priorities affect these ‘neutral’ figures.

– Carlos Sanchez


There’s never a shortage of  dry “honesty” when Charles Barkley sounds off on one of his daily rants, but last night on the TNT NBA post-game show, Sir Charles addressed a few burning issues regarding Tucker Carlson and Cam Newton and here’s what he had to say.  Ear muffs kids, ear muffs!

As the Oregon Ducks get set to face off against Cam “I didn’t know I cheated” Newton and the Auburn Tigers, fans might want to consider investing in a pair of reflective sunglasses as the Ducks have officially unveiled their lovely new pea green soup costumes they will be sporting in the BCS national championship game.  Beware these uniforms have not, I repeat have not be tested on drunk college fans, but scientists expect a heavy amount of vomiting as a result.