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Many people ask me these days, “What are you doing while this lockout is going on?” My answer sounds simple and boring, “I’ve just been busting my butt by training hard and making sure I’m ready when the time comes.” Although this may sound like a very simple answer, for me it’s a little bit different because I like to pride myself as one of the hardest working people in any sport, let alone the NFL. The last couple of years I took time in the offseason to train with my throwing in track and field. This year I decided to take a little bit of a different approach by just training for football. Although with this lockout dragging on as long as it has, I really wish I would’ve thrown this year, but I honestly think I may be in the best shape I’ve ever been in and hopefully it pays off this season.

Back to the original question and answer, “What are you doing while this lockout is going on?” Every Monday through Thursday I go to Plex Performance where I get my football specific training. We do a lot of things that create explosiveness, quickness, strength, endurance, etc. These are very tough and intense workouts which is why I love them. They are always challenging and different. The two locations I go to are in Stafford, TX. and Willowbrook, TX.  A normal workout at Plex starts with me getting there around 10:30 a.m. and ends when I leave around 1 p.m.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I do MMA(mixed martial arts) training. These workouts are usually about an hour and a half to two hours long. What I do at these workouts are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. Jiu Jitsu is a type of grappling ground game and Muay Thai is basically kickboxing.  How do these help with football? For me there are many qualities that I can use and translate to football. One of the main things in Jiu Jitsu is learning how to control an opponent, which is also one of the main components to football. Controlling someone’s hands, grip strength, strength endurance, etc. are all things that I can use in football. Muay Thai is big time cardiovascular workouts which help in gaining stamina. Muay Thai also teaches hand-speed, hand-eye coordination, foot movements and how to block someone’s hands. All things that can be used on the football field.  I go to get this training in Magnolia, TX. at Gracie Barra. I recently just earned my Blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which I’m proud of.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook then you know I just finished a 21 day detox where I ate nothing but organic veggies, fruits and meats. Many of my meals consisted of just shakes, which was really tough, but it really helped and I feel great. I was put on this by my nutritionist Jason Ivesdal at Higher Power Training.

In my free time, which you can see really isn’t much time at all, I try to hang out with family and friends. Other than that I like to do a little fishing, play with our dogs(2 labs: Sadie and Drake, Chihuahua: Missy and Chorkie: McLovin), and watch my wife barrel race with her horses. Like I said though, I like to do all this when I get the chance. Oh yeah almost forgot, I love to play Call of Duty on XBOX and Playstation. Mostly Playstation, but I do have both. One last thing I forgot to mention was that we got a new barn built for my wife and her horses which she really needed and wanted.

As you can see My family and I have been very busy during this lockout with many things. I hope that we can get this lockout over with and begin the season for all the fans. I also hope that all the hard work pays off and I can give the Viking fans something to cheer about. I guess after all of this I can leave you with an answer to your question “I’ve just been busting my butt by training hard and making sure I’m ready when the time comes.”

Want to thank Mr. Robison for taking the time out of his busy schedule to write this great article and give Vikings fans and NFL fans an inside look at how he is using his time during this ridiculous lockout!  Skol Vikes!


In July, one of the sporting world’s most popular brands saw its stock instantly drop with a simple decision. Now this was not any run-of-the-mill screw-up that we’re accustomed to, but rather a guy who wanted to play with some friends. Sounds harmless right?

While I would agree with you most times, LeBron James’ decision to go on an hour-long special where he told the world where he would play falls somewhere under cruel and unusual punishment. Everyone from the Cleveland owner to distraught fans and media pundits took their shot at the league’s “King.” Unlike many free agents who crush the hopes and dreams of folks by leaving their team, he made a spectacle of it and ripped the heart out of his hometown fans and franchise.

Fast forward a few months and James is starting his season in Miami on a team that many have crowned the next champs. Should be fine right?  Well the LBJ brand is still in a kind of flux, instead of being the poster boy playing for a small market team, James is disliked. He’s also part of a three-headed monster and not the centerpiece of the franchise.

In a step to find a new identity James launched a new commercial with Nike that uses the Decision as the premise for finding a new identity while asking what should I do?

Nike has always been one to have awesome commercials and putting their athletes in a new light, but this commercial kind of confuses me. To be the poster child for the league and a giant shoe company is to be in charge and confident. The commercial leaves me wondering if there is a method to their marketing message and shows a brand with no clear direction.

I am not talking Nike here, but the LeBron James brand. Will he embrace the villain role, just ignore everyone, keep keeping on, or something else? Only time will tell, but if he wins, it should be a whole lot easier.

– Jeff Esposito (@jeffespo)

With sports headlines these days being overtaken by our favorite friends in stripes, the Boston Celtics Shaquille O’Neal is doing everything in his power to focus the spotlight back where it properly belongs…on him!  After weeks of careful planning, considering and thought, Shaq will officially undergo a sex change, well at least for a day. With Halloween only a matter of days away, Shaq will be providing eye candy for all closet freaks riding the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) for a stop or two as none other than Shaquita O’Neal, the female version of the Boston Celtics 7-foot center.  A few key decisions still left up in the air are: granny panties or thong, leggings or no leggings and the most important of all – bra size.  If you thought your ex-girlfriend was ugly, you aint seen nothing yet! Did you say steak?  No I said this was a mistake Shaq.  Good luck Boston!

Is anyone interested in playing a little game called guess what doesn’t belong?  See anything yet?  Okay, well if you’re not seeing the swastikas that have taken over Byron Scott’s tie like a blitzkrieg in the 40’s then your simply not looking hard enough.  It seems a little odd that the newly anointed Cleveland Cavalier’s coach would choose a fashion statement like this for the teams media day given that swastika’s have always been considerably high on the fashion faux pas list.  Awkward!!!!!!

It’s hard to believe that after watching Terrell Owens get posterized last week at the infamous Rucker Park that anyone outside of a U-12 co-ed recreational team would want TO on their roster, but a professional basketball team?  Really?  No it’s not the NBA, but word on the street is that there is a team in China willing to pay Terrell Owens top dollar to bring his mad skills overseas.  Honestly, have they seen Terrell play hoops?  I guess after experiencing Stephon Marbury, the Chinese would like America to send them another odd, reject from our pro ranks.  Well as much as I would love to make TO a Chinese problem, reports are indicating that the St.  Louis Rams and Cincinnati Bengals are currently fighting over his football services.  I’m not sure what’s a worse scenario:  TO playing professional basketball period or TO teaming up with Chad Ochocinco and making the game of football a complete sideshow?  You be the judge!

With the Miami Heat acquiring the newer, bigger, better “Big Three” it should come as no surprise that Vegas has made them the favorites to claim the NBA title in 2011.  Well, I guess it’s too bad that it has to the Sports Mole who doesn’t understand why the Miami Heat instantly become favorites over the back-to-back champs in the Los Angeles Lakers. Ya, I understand that the Heat have 2 of the 3 best players in the NBA and an above average power forward in Chris Bosh,  but what else do they have?  Nothing!  They still have nine empty roster spots in their line-up and are only one “Big Three” injury away from being irrelevant.  How about we take some time to see what other pieces Pat Riley brings to South Beach before anointing them champs.  Oh well, here are some of the favorites and their odds to win the NBA championship this upcoming season:

Miami (25-to-1) now the 7-to-5 favorite.

Los Angeles Lakers (7-to-2) and still 7-to-2.

Orlando Magic (5-to-1) to a very generous 8-to-1.

Boston Celtics (5-to-1) to 10-to-1.

Denver Nuggets (10-to-1) to 12-to-1.

Oklahoma City Thunder (15-to-1) to 14-to-1.

San Antonio Spurs (20-to-1) to 25-to-1.

Dallas Mavericks (20-to-1) to 25-to-1.

Chicago Bulls (18-to-1) to a tempting 25-to-1.

The Cleveland Cavaliers plunged from 8-to-1 to 75-to-1.

You think you know what Lebron James is going through right now as the sound of tick tock is ringing in the back of the Kings head?  Well, think again.  This song written by the “talented”  Ryan Parker really shows the world the struggle and heartache King James is going through in the most anticipated  announcement in world history.  Open your ears Lebron to these beautiful words and let your heart be set free or just make up your damn mind already, we’re all sick and tired of waiting.