Hockey Fan Screwed After Making Shot of a Lifetime

Posted: February 16, 2011 in General Sports, NHL
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Did you see that?  Honestly, did you just see that?  Holy hefers, that was ridiculous!  I’d be willing to bet that there is only a handful of NHL players that could pull that shot off on the first attempt.  Yes, I know in this case it was luck, but I’ll take luck over talent any day, if it gets me a cool $50,000.  Do you have any idea how many tubes of Gold Bond or bags of Pampers this old man can get with that type of coin?  Well, how much would $0.00 get him, because that’s what he ended up getting?  Why the world asks?  According to the owners of the Indiana minor league hockey team, the man was disqualified for shooting in-front of the starting line.

Holy Hamburger Helper, does this make me hot underneath the collar.  Are they serious?  This has to go down as one of the biggest screwings in sports history, and that says something considering how many women Bill Russell was with in his day.  Why doesn’t the insurance company that sponsored the event just admit the truth – that they never had $50 k to give away, since they never in a million years thought someone could conquer this challenging feat.  All I know is, that they’re lucky it wasn’t The Sports Mole they bent over and screwed, otherwise there might be some heads rolling today!


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