The Greatest Trick Shot Quarterback in the Big East? Try The Whole Freaking World!

Posted: February 9, 2011 in General Sports, NCAA Football
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The Connecticut Huskies football team is arguably coming off one the programs greatest seasons in school history – sporting an 8-5 overall record, 5-2 in the conference, winning the Big East title and landing in a BCS bowl.  Despite, getting spanked like Bill Clinton at a Dutch whore house 48-20 by the Oklahoma Sooners in that Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, the Huskies have a bright future with Johnny McEntee at the helm.  Who’s that?  Well, that’s easy.  It’s the greatest trick shot quarterback to ever walk the face of this great Earth.  What he can do with a football makes him a lock for stardom in the NCAA and beyond, correct?  Ummmm, highly doubtful considering the kids numbers as a collegiate quarterback are followed by a BIG FAT 0 in every statistical category.  Sure, he’s a walk on, but if he can hit a wide receiver at full speed blindfolded, smoke a Domino’s sign off a moving car and bury a basketball shot using a football from 70-yards away, you really have to ask yourself, “Why no scholarship offers?”  Perhaps, he’s just a one trick pony – ZING!

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