Carson Palmer, You Are The Biggest Wiener

Posted: January 26, 2011 in General Sports, NFL
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Amid the ridiculous speculation about Jay Culter’s health in the NFC Championship game, is news of another athlete, this one demanding a trade–and much media attention– after an embarrassing season in Cincinnati. Sound familiar? It should be easy to guess the identity of this “team leader,” right?  Nope, it’s not T.O…also not the artist formally known as Johnson, formally known as Ochocinco and now Johnson again.

Heisman Trophy winner Carson Palmer, and his agent, made their request to have the former USC QB traded public early this week, after the Bengals went 4-12 and Palmer struggled all season long with an injured elbow. The age of the spoiled athlete is boring and overplayed, and it’s time for all of us to stop indulging these millionaires, who play a game for a living. Too often, we chastise the “usual suspects” for being difficult in situations of hardships, but what about the cocky quarterback?

What about a guy who was overhyped coming out of a big college program, and whose greatest accomplishment in the NFL has been a pair of losses in the first round of the playoffs? Sure, the Owens’ and Ochocincos of the world make us want to claw our eyes out, but at least they admit to their faults, at least they play to the crowd and provide entertaining media sessions.

For all the crap lowly Jay Cutler has received for his sideline demeanor, I’d still take a guy who plays as hard as he does—despite having Type 1 diabetes—never complaining about his lack of protection or near death experiences at the hands of opposing defenses, over the bitchy, rubber-armed Palmer. So please Carson, do us all a big favor and retire from the league if your bosses stick to their guns and refuse to trade you. Let the Bengals franchise move on, and most importantly, rid the rest of us of your mediocrity. Holy hell, I’m actually starting to miss Brett Favre.

– Carlos Sanchez (@ThisIsChucker)


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