Mark Sanchez Wipes Nasty Booger On Fellow Teammate

Posted: January 24, 2011 in General Sports, NFL
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Love.  Some have felt it, others give it, most are looking for it.  How is the most wonderfully intangible feeling, made tangible?  With actions!  A back rub, a kiss, a smile, a hug, a hump or even a juicy booger. Wait, what?  A boogey?  DUH!  I never said a romance between man and woman, I was referring to a bromance, hello!  In last night’s AFC Championship game, the New York Jets’ Mark Sanchez was caught on camera wiping a wet, tasty booger on the jacket of fellow Jets quarterback and ageless wonder Mark Brunell. To say he was less than pleased with the late Christmas present, would be an understatement. But then again, who asks for an epic load of nasty on their body besides Paris Hilton or Kesha? It’s bad enough Sanchize blew the game for gang green nation, but then to follow it up by wiping some sort of funky dried nasal mucus on his acting papi is downright disrespectful.  How would he like it if Mr. Brunell walked over to his beefy crunch burrito at lunch and hawked a loogie in it?  NOT COOL!  It’s sad when the two biggest highlights of your career consist of a hot dog and a booger, wouldn’t you say Marky Mark?



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