San Diego State’s Tim Shelton Releases “Game Time Ready” Rap

Posted: January 21, 2011 in NCAA Men's Basketball
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They’re 20-0 and the AP Top 25 has them ranked sixth in their latest poles, who am I talking about?  That’s correct, the San Diego State Aztec men’s basketball team.  Stand up if you saw that one before the season started?  Hardly!  The real question is, how many of you college basketball enthusiasts can name at least one player on the team? How about Tim Shelton? Is that the guy from the sprain on hair late night infomercials?  I feel like we know more about the ghost detainees kept at Guantanamo Bay, than we do about this Aztecs team and that’s saying something!  Fear not evildoers, thanks to my close friend, Mr. Google Search, I managed to uncover that the Aztecs have an extraordinarily well-rounded squad, that has no player averaging more than 16 points per game, yet eight players averaging double-digit minutes.  Ohhhh…Ahhh…Hmmm?  Why then is bench warmer Tim Shelton (2.1 ppg, 1.9 rpg) releasing a track called “Game Time Ready?”  This has an eerily similar feel to that of the Ohio State Buckeyes former bench-warmer extraordinaire Mark Titus, si or no?  Never shocks me the lengths some will go to for fame.


  1. SDSUAlumi says:

    You have no Idea what you are talking about! Tim Shelton has been a crucial part of San Diego states team and development over the past two years. He was plague by 3 knee surgeries and injuries over the past four years and is a leader and role model at San Diego State and has been a starter. He didn’t create the song to get fame or with the intention it would become so big. You are ignorant and couldn’t be more wrong. you should do your researched and be ashamed of yourself for your comments.

  2. Momma Frisk says:

    I just found this song, Mike and I gettin with the Timothy rap! Great stuff! We love you. Hope to hear from you soon.

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