Carmelo Anthony Stops to Pay Tribute to MJ – No the Other One!

Posted: January 19, 2011 in NBA, Uncategorized
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The Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl has gone on record saying that “Carmelo Anthony looks distracted as of lately” and that he wouldn’t hesitate to reduce his minutes if the struggles continued to effect his play on the court.  First off, I can assure you these “distraction’s” have nothing to do with the recent tug-of-war battle between the Nuggets and Nets over acquiring the services of the 3x NBA all-star, which according to most was just put to a halt by Mikhail Prokhorov – proof the recession is indeed real.  Oh ya, it probably also has nothing to do with the recent death of his sister who left her four children without a mother and a brother (Anthony) with no one to turn too.  Soooo distractions?  NAH!  In fact, Melo is feeling so peachy these days that instead of practicing, he’s using his free time to pay tribute to the great Michael Jackson by shall we say busting a move to the tune of “This is It.”  If this isn’t the epitome of a metaphor, well then take me out to the woodshed and go all Old Yeller on me!


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