Aaron Rodgers Wins A-Hole Of The Year Award After Blowing Off Breast Cancer Survivor

Posted: January 17, 2011 in General Sports, NFL
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So Aaron Rodgers finally won not one, but two post-season games to officially get out of  his arch-nemesis’ Brett Favre’s shadow. Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Okay enough of that.  I understand little Aaron boy is one game away from playing in his first Super Bowl, he’s rumored to be dating the beautiful Gossip Girl’s star Jessica Szohr and he’s fastly rising the chart of NFL elite quarterbacks, but that’s no excuse to let your true colors of an unheralded ass wipe shine through.  Why such harsh words you wonder?  I can promise you for once, it actually has nothing to do with my undying love for the Minnesota Vikings, but instead after seeing this video of Mr. Rodgers stiffing a recent breast cancer survivor of an autograph, I can’t think of enough horrible words to describe this prima donna douche bag.  Thank God, the National Football League’s Defensive Player of the Year Award winner Clay Matthews had enough sense and compassion to save the day by signing this beautiful young ladies jersey and in turn bring a smile to her face during these trying times.


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