Joe Theismann Calls Danny Woodhead, Danny Woodcock!

Posted: January 16, 2011 in NFL
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the NFL Network put a bunch of former NFL coaches and players in a room together and forced them to read off a teleprompter?  Oh no no-no!  Forcing guys whose brains are the equivalent of yogurt to read and enunciate large, difficult words like “the” and “team”  is never a good thing.  Well, good thing these genius’ only have to pronounce players names, cause how hard could that be, right? WRONG!  It’s this rather humiliating scene of Joe Theismann calling Danny Woodhead, Danny Woodcock that make me wonder if professional football players, past and present should be forced to wear a helmet at all times.  Is it any surprise that the person who got the most amusement out of the word “cock” was Deion Sanders, who was rolling on the floor laughing like a 12-year who just heard his first fart joke?  The only way this scene could have possibly been more uncomfortable would have been if there was a pole, a 220-pound stripper and Steve Mariucci stuffing dollar bills down Ginger’s g-string.  Today’s video is just another perfect example of why avoiding the NFL Network is a good thing.


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