Indiana Pacers Recreate White Men Can’t Jump Scene & Completely Ruin All Basketball Fan’s Childhoods

Posted: January 14, 2011 in NBA
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There are a lot of fantastic basketball movies that have come across The Sports Mole’s television set over the years, some of which include: The Air Up There, Blue Chips, Celtic Pride, Hoosiers, He Got Game and of course White Men Can’t Jump.  The Mole love him some Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson in the least creepy way possible.  Can you think of two better actors that were fit to fill this role than those two?  I mean the mere idea of replacing them with someone else, almost seems anti-religious, don’t you think?  Why then are the Indiana Pacers Josh McRoberts and Brandon Rush trying to commit the ultimate sin by releasing this pathetically sad rendition to get Josh into this year’s slam dunk contest?  I give BYU’s  Jimmer Fredette a better chance of hoisting the Slam Dunk trophy than Josh “I barely see the floor” McRoberts.  This conversation is irrelevant anyways, given that Blake Griffin, supreme king of all things aerial, is competing as well. Championship! Note to Josh and Brandon, next time you’re going to ruin a basketball flick, I highly recommend going the route of Love and Basketball, that movie already sucked.


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