Tom Brady Just A Big Ugg Wearing Dork!

Posted: January 13, 2011 in NFL
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Rex Ryan ripped him for watching Broadway plays, Antonio Cromartie and his eight kids called him an a** hole and now his own teammate Deion Branch referred to him as the dork of the year.  Just when I start feeling some sympathy for Tom Brady, I remember that right now he’s probably sitting in his hot tub inside his mega mansion, wearing his comfortable man Uggs, while watching his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen shining one of his three Super Bowl rings in something skimpy and I too have to agree, Tom Brady is an a** hole!  Okay, so maybe there was a little jealousy in that remark, but hey who can fault me?

Let’s all remember Tom Brady was a 6th round (199th overall) pick for a reason.  So how did Tommy Boy become the most feared quarterback in the game today? He certainly didn’t do it with his superhuman athletic ability, or lack thereof. Hmmm, well then I guess the only logical conclusion would be that he spends an enormous amount of time studying game film, opponents and players.  So no, it’s not his new-found love of Uggs that makes this Justin Bieber look-a-like a dork, but his supreme mental aptitude and game preparation.  Oh yah and by the way, if being a dork means living a life similar to that of Tom Brady, I ask you, “Where do I sign up?”


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