Carmelo Anthony Opts To Go With “The Lebron James Technique”

Posted: January 13, 2011 in General Sports, NBA
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Everyone in the country, outside of the residents in Miami and a small population about 40 miles south of Cleveland, hates LeBron James. We get it. He’s the villain. He’s the one kicking the Cavs while they’re down (see: Lakers beat down of D-League team). While the King wills his current team to utter dominance, bathes in money and beautiful women, and kicks back in the only state NOT to be knee-deep in snow, faithful “Ohioans” are made to suffer in mediocrity.

The new (not AARP members) “Big 3” gets the most crap for planning all of this, for deciding – in advanced – to become free agents in the same summer, and for essentially, firmly grabbing the entire league by its tiny testicles. But how is what Carmelo Anthony is currently doing not infinitely more selfish? And more importantly, why are fans not expressing their “insightful” opinions on this issue?

Two high-profile athletes: one with seven years of loyal service and the term “free agent” firmly positioned before his name, another in the middle of a contract, determined to leverage his way out of a losing situation, amidst a circus of promises from ring-masters like Jay-Z and Spike Lee. The term “collusion” was thrown around a lot when Bosh, Wade and LeBron took their talents to South Beach, so what does the public have say about the texting between Amar’e and Carmelo, the whispers of sweet nothings and pleas to join forces?

So ultimately, what should ‘Melo do? Should he stay classy? Should he remain loyal to the franchise that brought him into the league, or bolt for a chance to win titles? Should he accept his legacy as a villain, or continue to be a role model for hypocrisy? What should he do? I don’t blame him for wanting to win AND make the most money, but I also have some common sense and an unbiased view on the situation. Best of luck to anyone trying to find those same qualities in fans from Cleveland, New York, Newark, Chicago, Los Angeles, Orlando, Boston, Atlanta…err, you get the point.


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