UFC Prez Dana White Raising Da Roof With The Snoop D O Double Gizzle

Posted: January 11, 2011 in General Sports
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We all bared witness to UFC President Dana White forking over a cool 20k to Snoop Dog after Dana lost a bet regarding last years Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics NBA Finals.  However, now we wonder did Snoop also win the chance to make Dana look like an absolute fool on stage at one of his shows, or did he do it himself?  If you look really hard, I bet you can find Cheddar Bob, I mean Dana White throwing the all popular fist pump and raising the roof amongst what has to be a perplexed crowd.  The only thing this glorious sight is missing, is Vanilla Ice, four green ninja turtles, the Shredder and Dana yelling, “Go ninja, go ninja, go!”  I guess when you have that much money, you don’t care what people think of you. Congrats and welcome to the Hall of Shame.


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