Reggie Wayne Shits Brick After Loss To New York Jets

Posted: January 10, 2011 in General Sports, NFL
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When was the last time we talked about the Indianapolis Colts losing in the first round of the playoffs?  Hell, when was the last time the Colts played during Wildcard weekend?  Oh yah, how about never!  Honestly, the Indianapolis Colts are a perfect model of perfection, especially when it comes to that apostolic-like quarterback known as Peyton Manning.  Why is it then that his holiness is allowing one of his shepherds (Reggie Wayne), to speak with the tongue of a serpent after suffering defeat at the hands of the Romans or the New York Jets?  It might lie in the fact that Reggie “I wear a hard hat to work” Wayne was held to only ONE catch during the game! Ahhhhhhhh no, not just one.

To say Reggie was “heated” about the situation, would be the understatement of the year and here’s what he had to say, “It’s bull. It’s bull, man. I give everything I’ve got no matter what. Every day, I give it everything. And . . . one ball, that’s all. I shouldn’t have even suited up. I should have watched the game like everybody else. I was irrelevant.” Wow, talk about being a diva, if I didn’t have knowledge of the situation, I would have thought I was listening to the ramblings of a 14-year-old girl who just found out she lost homecoming queen to everyone’s beloved flute totting band dork.  Honestly, grow a pair of nuts and take it like a man Reggie!  You’re not the first or the last to be silenced by the almighty Revis, but at least don’t compound the fact by acting like a fool.

I understand championships are the standard in Indy and rightfully so, but given the enormous amount of injuries and lack of any running game this season, Indy fans should be thankful to have even been in the playoffs. As for you Reggie, you might want to try a little harder to get open, heard that does wonders for quarterbacks finding receivers.


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