Andre Agassi Pimps Nude Photos Of Wife To Raise Money For His Charity

Posted: January 7, 2011 in General Sports, Tennis
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Do you remember where you were when Andre Agassi dropped a gigantic atomic bomb on the tennis world by admitting to heavily using crystal methamphetamines during his hay days in the sport?  I sure do, it was the 3rd floor Macy’s bathroom, second stall on the right and as I sat on the John in tears wondering why I ate that Chipotle burrito in record time, I saw the headline flash across my cellular device. Then like a lighting bolt cast from the heavens by the hand of Tim Tebow himself, the enormity of the situation hit me and I lost all control….LITERALLY.  It’s safe to say, it wasn’t the finest day in Sports Mole history, but after years of therapy and laying off the corn salsa, my universe reunited as one.

Well, that was until today when I stumbled upon this little ducky video of Andre Aggasi hosting a charity event in Japan.  Japan?  Not sure why?  Never the less, when one of the prized artifacts being auctioned off received less than a hooker on Hollywood Boulevard, Andre offered some serious incentive to the audience to increase their bid.  Settle down class, it was only the once in a lifetime opportunity to see a naked picture of his stunning wife, Steffi Graf on his telefono.  I didn’t realize porn and charity were intertwined, but hey we’ll let bigons be bigons.  However, I will say the classic sight of the entire event was when Andre gave a sneak peek to his Japanese friend on stage of the nude picture and all in attendance witnessed Tiny Tim going “Weee” – calling all janitors, we need a clean up on isle three!  Is it safe to assume Andre may be back on the crank?


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