Ron Artest Prancing Around With Maxim Models

Posted: January 6, 2011 in General Sports, NBA
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In 2010, Ron Artest was considered the pick-up of the year after the Lakers and Phil Jackson were able to curb his exuberant personality and win an NBA Championship for the second consecutive year.  Now with the Lakers in complete and utter “turmoil” after being blown out in several games and Ron Artest contributing less than a Keebler Elf, I’m starting to wonder if Ronnie has become an enigma again?  Thanks to a dear friend of mine who forwarded me this lovely video of Artest prancing around a photo shoot with three Maxim hotties, I’m a) wondering how a man averaging 7.6 points a game gets his own spread in Maxim and b) asking why you’re wearing a Ball’n shirt?  Have you been watching your game this season?  Either way, you have to admit the NBA is just more fun when the unpredictable Ron Artest is looming as opposed to the tamed one, correct?


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