Brett Favre Fakes Injury Against The Bears For Betterment Of The Minnesota Vikings!

Posted: December 27, 2010 in General Sports, NFL
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The man, the myth, the legend?  Does anyone really know who or what this all too used quote is in reference to?  Is it a Broadway star?  A world-class surgeon?  Professional athlete?  Seven Wonders of the World?  Better make it eight with this brain teaser!  I think I could make an appealing case that it was written about me, but I think when push comes to shove, we all know this prestigious label belongs to none other than the “Old Gunslinger” – Brett Favre.

I find it particularly amusing that Brett Favre takes more of an unnecessary beating from the media on a daily basis than a booze-driven homosexual practicing his butt push-ups on the sandy beaches of Qatar in 120 degree heat (no need to write hate mail, it was only to make a point)!  At the end of the day, it wouldn’t matter if Brett Favre found the cure for breast cancer or if he saved Lindsay Lohan from a burning coke house, he has and always will be viewed as an egotistical dick head.  Look,  sure, he sent pictures of his weeny whistle to Jenn Sterger, but can you really fault the man?  I mean the lady is hotter than a pistol.  How many other athletes have taken the infamous “junk shot,” to only have some deranged ex-girlfriend expose it to the masses later because of some baby daddy mumbo jumbo?  I don’t see those clowns taking any D O double dog shit like Favre does for his scandal.  Love him or hate him, I think there is something you all need to know about the Silver Fox that should change your perception of him…………….

This past Monday night, Brett Favre like Jesus Christ himself, arose from the dead to take the field against the Chicago Bears in sub frigid temperatures on a field deemed “unplayable” by the toughest SOB since Chuck Norris – Chris “Warcraft” Kluwe, the Minnesota Vikings punter.  Not surprised Favre took the field given he’s more indecisive than a girl in Louis Vuitton?  Ya, me neither, but what may cause serious brain matter combustion is the notion that Brett Favre after being thrown to the ground by Bears rookie defensive end Corey Wootton, pulled out some serious acting skills and made us all think he was far worse injured than he really was.  That’s the sound of all of us being played like a Renaissance fiddle!  No way, you’re lying Mr. Mole, he is clearly a washed-up old perv who was knocked out by the super stellar talents of the Bears D.  Sure, and Santa Claus molests his reindeer, come on! Don’t be naïve.

I know you’re all asking, what is the point or significance of making a one game appearance last Monday night, if he’s only going to go down like a foam cup in the wind?  Believe it or not, but being that this really is Favre’s last season in the NFL, after arguably one of the greatest careers in the history of all sports, it was essentially his farewell to the loyal and great fan base in Minnesota.  His playing in that game was a remembrance of his days playing on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field as well as saying thanks to all his fans, past and present.  Almost like strumming through a yearbook on fast-forward.   If you listened closely to Favre as he was in the pre-game huddle, he said, “This is our last home game boys; let’s go out with a bang.  And let’s send the old man out with one as well.”  Perhaps a little bit of a pun given the circumstances, no?

After scoring that touchdown to Percy Harvin in the 1st quarter, we saw Favre’s inner child emerge for perhaps the last time as he sprinted to the end zone and leaped on the Florida Gators shoulders as if a young child on the morning of Christmas shortly after getting their most coveted present.  Favre with his great respect and admiration for his Vikings teammates and the organization who took a big chance on the aging veteran, got “knocked out” of the game to see what the team had moving forward at the quarterback position and for that I commend him!  Everyone knows Brett Favre is the ultimate warrior, I mean you don’t play 297 consecutive games in the NFL without playing through some serious injuries.  Sorry, but if you don’t acknowledge that, you’re nothing short of a complete fool.  I really think once Brett Favre is gone from the game of football and all the critics and haters take a few seconds to reflect back, they will really regret not taking the time to appreciate what he brought to the game over his illustrious career.  Who will they target after the old man is gone?  So long Brett, it’s been a magical ride for us all and for that we thank you!


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