Jarome Iginla vs Jamie Benn – NHL Fight Of The Year?

Posted: December 24, 2010 in General Sports, NHL
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If you thought playing Marco Polo with Hellen Keller was boring, you clearly haven’t been watching the NHL this season.  Honestly, I’ve seen more action in those reality shows that force 400 pound men and women to try to touch their toes than the National Hockey League has provided me this year thus far.  However, being that it is the Holiday season, Santa really came through last night when he dropped the Jarome Iginla vs. Jamie Benn fight into our stockings.  This minute and a half of madness that NHLers witnessed was nothing short of Frazier/Foreman. The only real question I have is how does this fight measure up to the grand daddy of them all – the Boogaard right hook that caved in Todd Fedoruk’s face?  I need all my NHL lovers to weigh in on this little fiasco. Do it, just do it!


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