Chinese “Hurdler” Looks Quite Similar To Chinese Drivers

Posted: December 19, 2010 in General Sports
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Is it safe to say that we all have that one Asian friend, who every body loves, but would rather lick sweat off a marathon runner’s feet than ride with?  I mean, if there was one pothole in the entire Sahara Desert, this friend could honestly manage to find it.  Ya, come on don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.  I’ve always wondered of the four billion Asians (60% of all humans) that encompass this wonderful world, if all or just a small few magically turn into a bull in a china shop once they get behind the wheel of an automobile or in this case behind in the 100 meter hurdles (psh).  Well, since the proof is in the pudding, why don’t all you knuckleheads dip your finger in this bowl of butterscotch fun.  What’s that taste you ask?  That’s what lawyers refer to as “due diligence.” Boo ya!

P.S.  This article and/or video in no way reflects the views of The Sports Mole or anyone associated with The Sports Mole.  For those of you throwing the word “racist” around right now or “idiot”, take a joke and loosen the choke collar 🙂



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