New York City Losing It’s Sports Allure?

Posted: December 19, 2010 in General Sports
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Delusion is the essence of what it means to be a fan. The overplayed hopes of a franchise drive consumers to purchase game tickets, sport merchandise and spend ludicrous amounts on concessions. It is this common bond that unites cities, entire fan bases with the same skewed logic and biased perception of how they compare to the rest of the world. Sports are funny that way. Most of the time, plain facts and logic are completely forgotten. A statistic, the sole entity that determines the winner and the loser, is ignored, brushed aside for the brute emotions shared by all fanatics.

Enter the metropolis of New York. It is the “Mecca” of sporting events and the “greatest city on Earth.” Ask any of its citizens, and a game at Yankee Stadium or Madison Square Garden becomes a once in a lifetime experience, eclipsing anything an outsider could ever encounter. But where does this sense of entitlement come from? Are they born with this notion that they’re simply better than everyone else? If the recent choices by high-profile free agents Cliff Lee and LeBron James tell us anything, it’s that maybe New York isn’t the holy land it’s made out to be.

Growing up in a town where it always seemed like the supporters from the rest of the country outnumbered the locals, I’ve yet to encounter a fan base that has won less, yet bragged more than those of the New York teams. If their teams aren’t going to the post-season or winning titles, then there is no point in watching. If the best athletes aren’t playing in their town and their teams aren’t prominent, it’s “not good for the league.” Part of the blame for this attitude lies with the media, who consistently over hype the stature of the New York teams, part of it is simply the allure of the big city, the “sexiness” of being showcased on ESPN and “Hard Knocks.”

It is the world we live in, New York’s world, a place where the rest are second best, regardless of record, a place where titles are won before the season even starts and where the best should want to play, because cash has become more important than competition. If knee-jerking was a sport, New York would always be in first place. Newsflash for the Big Apple: you’re not the greatest fans in all of sports, but you are the greatest dopes, the ultimate gluttons for misery and false perception.

– Carlos Sanchez


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