Leave Lebron James Alone Haters!

Posted: December 17, 2010 in NBA
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Just months after his ultimate “decision,” the six words that changed the basketball landscape, forever remain in infamy: “Taking my talents to South Beach.” A single statement that caused the nation to turn against a King, and a city left in shambles, made to play the role of a helpless victim. It’s easy to point out the villain in this story, right?

The heartless millionaire, who gave up his legacy and some of his paycheck to join other superstars; a spoiled prodigy, abandoning his hometown on national television, fleeing for the bright lights and parties of Miami. Seven years of loyal service, never a gripe, never a complaint, never a demand to be traded – unlike that of a diva “serpent.” All of this dedication, forgotten by the single lighting of a number 23 jersey, set a flame to the tune of rigorous boos.

We’re told to feel bad for Cleveland, to sympathize with the underdog, a city constantly mocked by the sporting gods, but as time drifts on, who looks like the jerk in all of this? Certainly the fault is on Lebron, who has remained quiet and humble while his former fans drunkenly pick fights with one another in a 30-point blowout, or while his former owner publicly ripped him, a la the crushed ex-girlfriend. There’s no fault in tweeting “@KingJames” with racial slurs and death threats when you’re a dejected Cavs fan, because they’re the victims, remember?

Deep within this sarcasm-laced opinion piece is an important message, for all haters and non-haters alike: when it’s all said and done, Lebron will have the glory, he will have the rings, and he will be lauded as one of the greats. So keep up the hate, continue with the constant over-scrutinizing of every comment, every “shoulder bump” and even the number of fans in the stands. Find criticism in what you please, because we’ve won 10 straight, our weather is 80-degrees year round and we live where you come to vacation. The King has found his new empire, and South Beach sure doesn’t hate him.

– Carlos Sanchez


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