Anthony Pettis Drops Ben Henderson With A Matrix-Like Kick

Posted: December 17, 2010 in General Sports
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I remember the days of sitting on my couch watching the greatest martial arts trainer in the history of the sport – Mr. Miyagi training his pupil Daniel Son to take on the Cobra Dojo like it was yesterday.  Then when Daniel shows up at the karate competition and whips out the praying mantis kick, it completely blew my FRICKING mind!  It was like, where in the hell did that come from Daniel Son?  Seriously, was there a more epic or revolutionary moment in the world of martial arts than that?  Okay, well maybe there’s been a billion better moments than the one I just described, but what the world witnessed in the Anthony Pettis & Ben Henderson fight might really change the way MMA works moving forward, what do you think?


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