For the Kill: Stroking the Post – Story Of The New Golden Gophers Football Coach

Posted: December 8, 2010 in General Sports, NCAA Football
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Jerry Kill was named head coach of the Minnesota Golden Gophers football team Sunday night, which brought about mixed reactions from Gopher fans.  Many were unhappy with the selection as it wasn’t the big, sexy name out there in the college football universe such as a Mike Leach and now Urban Meyer.  Athletic Director Joel Maturi, after screwing up yet another coaching hire, promised better things after the Tim Brewster era ended abruptly this past season.  Let’s face it, Brewster knew as much about coaching college football as I do gynaecology.  He was an empty suit that used catchy phrases like “Gopher Nation” and telling fans this team would be playing in the Rose Bowl at his first press conference in order to create excitement in the community.  It was just enough rah-rah to keep him from being exposed as a fraud and to buy himself some time until a little lost genie showed up on his door stoop and granted his miracle wish of producing a winning squad.  All I can say is good riddance to him.  Maybe he’ll land some high school coaching gig and go back to where he came from.  He’s proven to be way overmatched for the college level.

I’m excited about the Kill hire even though I was hoping Mike Leach would land the job.  As the search went on, it was becoming more apparent that the university wasn’t going to be able to land a well-known coach.  Gophers fans can express their disappointment all they want, but let’s get real here, it wasn’t going to happen.  Minnesota hasn’t won a conference championship in almost 45 years.  It’s difficult to attract top-tier talent when you don’t have a reputation as a winner.  The climate here also makes it a challenge for recruiting.  Going back to why I love Kill – he’s a small school coach with a work ethic.  It’s not the big school that takes success for granted every year.  These are the kinds of coaches that have the chip on their shoulder wanting to prove to the country what they can do.  The small schools always have a fighting spirit about them and believe they can win any game.  Kill’s approach to the game is a complete 180 over the previous regime.  It’s apparent from the Kill press conference, that he understands the game and more importantly understands how to develop kids and the kind of relationship that needs to be established.  He gets it. Every school he has coached at, he’s been a winner by building from the ground up.  He took Northern Illinois to three straight bowl games, which doing the math, is a bowl game for every year he was at NIU.  What else can you ask for?

Oh sure, this is the Big Ten, the place where the big boys come out to play, but the philosophies in developing a football program remain the same.  I think what you’ll find here is a group of kids that believe in Coach Kill and that are ready to work every day out on the practice field.  Kill is a refreshing breath of air.  His down-to-earth, tell it like it is personality will leave no room for interpretation.  You’ll always know where you stand with him and the status of the football program.  He’s not going to bullshit about Bowl games that the team has no chance of landing in, but will set realistic expectations every year.  Welcome to Minnesota Coach Kill and I wish you the best.  You’re a genuine, good guy with a successful track record.  Gold Country is behind you 100%!

– Ryan Schwartz (@ryguyMN)


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