Qatar Chosen To Host 2022 World Cup – Worst Decision Ever & Here’s Why

Posted: December 6, 2010 in General Sports, Soccer
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With the 2022 World Cup only a matter of days away, FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) made a mind-boggling decision by awarding the world’s most prestigious tournament to the wonderful land of Qatar.  No Qatar isn’t a made-up world in the game Final Fantasy, but a real place located in everyone’s favorite tourist destination – the Middle East.  Wow, genius idea FIFA.  I’ve always wanted to experience the World Cup in the friendly confines of the Middle East in 120 degree desert heat.  Maybe FIFA President Sepp Blatter is hoping Osama Bin Laden would make a guest appearance for the opening ceremonies?

As I spent the past several days since the big announcement pondering this monumental conundrum, I posed the question on Twitter of why Qatar landed the World Cup hosting honors over the United States of America and the following video was sent to me as evidence of the decision by several advocates of the choice.  After carefully analyzing the footage, I’m still wondering why Qatar was chosen and can only assume Morgan Freeman is to blame for the USA’s failure to land the World Cup.  You’re lucky you were sweet in the Batman series, otherwise I’d be after you with a vengeance amigo.


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