Derek Anderson’s Post-Game Spaz-A-Thon

Posted: November 30, 2010 in General Sports, NFL
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Derek, come on man!  Take a deep breath, throw down a few shots of Jack Daniels and compose yourself, you’re having a meltdown on national television.  I mean we all saw you laughing on the field when you were down 18-0.  The camera’s simply don’t lie.  With that being said, no one accused you of finding the ass kicking that you were taking at the hands of the 49ers as hilarious; maybe “Deuce” just let a stinky go in the huddle or you remembered a funny story from summer camp, who knows.  However, you need to take a deep look in the mirror and do some serious self-reflection about your NFL quarterbacking ability.  If Ryan Leaf had enough common sense to figure it out, you should too.  Hang up the cleats, you stink!


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