Soccer No Call Turns Into Attempted Murder

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Soccer
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For all of the critics out there who claim soccer doesn’t have enough action to warrant watching on their televisions, I sure have a story for you that might just change how you view the sport entirely.  It comes from a land far far away in a place known as “England.”  What was simply another match last February between amateur sides Lonsdale and Harrington, quickly turned into something out of a Steven Seagal action film.

Amateur player Joseph Rimmer was adamantly arguing a no call during the match, when the referee stepped in and told Mr. Rimmer he’d be receving a nice little red card if he didn’t cool his horses.  Boy, was that a bad move.  What ensued can only be described as pure psychopathic. Incensed by the referee’s “threat,” Rimmer stormed off the pitch, only to be seen moments later driving full speed in his Range Rover with the bullseye clearly on the ref.  Thank God no one was hurt, but something tells me this bloak belongs in New York City driving a taxi cab with that kind of rage.  And who said soccer wasn’t exciting?


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