Oakland A’s Outfielder Using Craigslist To Find Sex Assistant

Posted: November 18, 2010 in General Sports, MLB
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Just when you think you’ve seen professional athletes use all the tricks to pick up women, the Oakland Athletics Coco Crisp goes and defies all the odds by using Craigslist.  I understand Coco has been in the MLB going on almost nine years now, but using Craigslist to find a live-in assistant is just sad.  After all you spend enough time on the disabled list each season, that you should have plenty of time to get your “laundry” list of chores done.

Wait, is it possible that he’s actually just looking for a live-in sex assistant?  Gee Golly, I might be on to something.  If you think I’m crazy, why then post a description that reads “My name is Covelli Crisp (Coco Crisp), I am a professional baseball player. Looking for a live-in personal assistant (Female) that can help simplify my life.  $40,000 Y/R with room and board.” Simplify your life or “ease your pain” after a long days worth of work?  I’d like to take this time to announce the winner of the Biggest Skeeze of the Year award, and the winner is…………..you guessed it, Coco Crisp.  Congratulations and remember Coco no one wants to make love to someone who looks like Shaggy!


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