The Miami Heat’s Promotional Team Did What?

Posted: November 16, 2010 in General Sports, NBA
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There is sad, really sad, and then there’s straight up pathetic!  Until today, I’ve seen very few things, if any, that could have made Don Vito look like prince charming, but after seeing the pathetic video the Miami Heat’s promotional team unleashed to motivate it’s fan base, I now stand before you a broken and miserable man.  I understand Chris Bosh is as soft as a porn star after a full days worth of work, but you still have two of the best players in the NBA on your team in Lebron James and D-Wade.  With that being said, how is it that whenever you’re on prime-time television, which is a lot, we always see more empty seats than at a Manny Pacquiao concert?  If people didn’t have a reason to hate you before, you’ve given it to them now by publicly begging all of South Beach to come to the games and “Man Up.”  Here’s a little food for thought Miami: Genghis Khan was a fabulous leader and warrior, but he sure as hell didn’t wow the other tribes women into bed with him with his fabulous looks……confused?  Ya, you can’t have your cake and eat it too!


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