Sean Avery – A Real “Hit” Against The Edmonton Oilers

Posted: November 15, 2010 in NHL
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Time for a little hockey news……YES!  It’s been almost 24-hours since the New York Rangers put the Edmonton Oilers over their knees and spanked them.  However, as usual, it wasn’t the 8-2 scoreline or Marian Gaborik’s hat trick that made headlines, it was everyone’s favorite Avery – Sean Avery that had sports fans and experts calling for his head.  I know everyone wants to call Avery’s Mike Tyson knock out of the Oilers Ladislav Smid a “cheap shot,” but it was nothing more than clever fighting on Avery’s part.  As Stuart Scott would say, he freaked him with the okie doke.  Sure, Smid wasn’t 100 percent prepared to feel the hammer Avery dropped on him, but it wasn’t like he hit him with his back turned. Call it what you will, but this is Sean Avery’s game and he’s the master of it.  I have absolutely no problem with what took place and there’s no reason at all for Gary Bettman to take action.  This is hockey folks, the place where the playground tussle is allowed and often looked to. Love it or leave it!


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