Michael Phelps In “The Big Catch”

Posted: November 15, 2010 in General Sports
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It’s no surprise that once you’ve conquered the pool as a gazillion time gold medal Olympic swimmer, the next step in the progression would be to tackle the ocean.  Well, cast your line Michael Phelps, cast your line.  Wait, he’s got a bite.  Pull it in.  Wow, you just reeled in reality starlet Brittny Gastineau, congratulations.  The newest celebrity couple was reported to have been set up by mutual friends and like Lady and the Tramp, the spark was instant.  It will definitely be interesting to see where the Merman and former NFL defensive great Mark Gastineau daughter’s relationship goes, but something tells me it won’t be far beyond the buoys yonder.  No one wants to be tied up while swimming in a ocean full of fishes, can ya’ll dig?


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