Florida Man Asks For Restraining Order Against Obama, Jesus and Tim Tebow

Posted: November 10, 2010 in General Sports
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As I sit her and intelligently stroke my three pieces of chin stubble that form my illustrious beard, I fail to see any striking similarities off the bat between Jesus Christ, Barack Obama and Tim Tebow.  Throw in a restraining order from a man that makes Richard Simmons seem normal and it’s like the world is caving in on me. Honestly, I’d have a better shot at finding out Kim Jong-il’s favorite type of pizza than finding any similarities between these three great men.  Wow, then like a lightning bolt cast from the heavens by the great savior Tim Tebow, it hit me and it was like all things in life started to make sense.  Wait……………. no it didn’t.  The only common denominator between these three is John D. Gilliand, aka the plaintiff.

Court records indicated that Mr. Gilliand filed a petition for injunction for protection of violence against Tim Tebow and his close fellowship after he claims he was harassed for saying “T-Bo sucks” at a gas station in Florida.  Gilliand makes reference in the petition to Tebow, Obama and Jesus as part of gangs or making gang symbols at him.  Confused?  Ya, so am I!  Geesh and I thought unicorns who pooped out rainbows were hard to find.  Thank God our justice system who is known for making sound decisions denied the petition against these three known problem makers.  I guess all my years of asking where Gainesville is doesn’t seem all that ludicrous now does it? Lots of weirdo’s out there!


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