Cowboy’s Forget To Renew Team’s Web Domain – Idiots

Posted: November 9, 2010 in General Sports, NFL
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Besides sporting an impressive 1-7 record, recently firing their teletubby looking head coach Wade Phillips and anointing assistant, Jason Garrett, who has about as much opportunity to succeed in the position he was thrown into as a person trying to lose weight while working at a bakery, what else could possible go wrong for the Cowboys?  Well, I’m glad you asked because things in Big D, just hit below rock bottom if that’s even possible to believe.

There was word that after Wade Phillips was fired by disgruntled owner Jerry Jones yesterday, the teams website was flooded with a ridiculous amount of viewers, that ultimately led to the crashing of the teams website.  WRONG!  From what I’m hearing it appears that Jerry Jones’ son and Vice President of the team forgot to renews the Dallas Cowboy’s website domain.  Holy jumping Jehoshaphat!  Is it possible to be that big an idiot? Apparently so!  To this very moment the team’s website is still out of order.  My guess is that some lucky SOB purchased the web domain the minute it expired and now will be in line for a ridiculous payday as Jerry Jones and team will have no option but to throw a blank check that persons way to get it back.



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