Deanna Favre Addresses Husband’s Penis Picture Allegations

Posted: October 21, 2010 in NFL
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Call me crazy stupid, but I guess I expected Deanna to reveal a little more than she did in this interview, but hell who can blame her.  If Brett was watching this morning, I’m not sure he can be overly pleased with the “ringing” endorsement of confidence his wife gave on their current marital status and situation.  Something tells me for the time being his picture messaging privileges have been suspended until more light has been shed on this Jenn Sterger case 😦 Let’s just hope all this hoopla doesn’t distract Brett from the big Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers showdown this Sunday night at Lambeau Field.

  1. Live4Sundays says:

    Lol, I hope you were being sarcastic that you were suprised she didnt say more…oh ya, me too!! GEE, I expected her to tell us the entire story!! omg…lol. You cant fake can see the disappointment in her….

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