High School Football Phenomenon – Greatest Play Ever?

Posted: October 20, 2010 in General Sports
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Feel free to hop into my own little version of the DeLorean time machine with Marty McFly and Doc Brown as we travel back to the wonder years of 1982.  Now, I know when you hear 1982 you instantly think of when Senegal and Gambia formed a loose confederation known as Senegambi or when Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney released their single “Ebony and Ivory.”  However, I would like you to focus in on November 20, 1982 when arguably the greatest play in college football history took place and was instantly dubbed “The Play.”  For those of you who weren’t alive yet or failed to watch this terrific game, “The Play” refers to a last-second kickoff off return during a college football game featuring the University of California Golden Bears and the Stanford Cardinals.

Stanford had just hit a field goal to take a 20-19 lead with only four seconds left in the game.  California used five, yes five lateral passes on the ensuing kickoff return for a touchdown that lead to a 25-20 victory.  The greatest thing about this play is that members of the Stanford band had rushed onto the field halfway through the return, believing the game was over, which added to the mystic and drama of this Cinderella folktale.  Fast forward 28-years later and a high school team as seemingly recreated this once untouchable phenomenon minus the band.  What do you think, which play is more impressive in your book?


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