Canuck’s Tough Guy Rick Rypien Show’s Appreciation For Opposing Fan – NOT!

Posted: October 20, 2010 in NHL
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The Vancouver Canucks showcased why it’s one of the most hated teams in all the NHL as their classless tough guy Rick Rypien unleashed his fists of fury on an opposing fan in last nights 6-2 defeat at the hands of the Minnesota Wild.  With 6:23 remaining in the second period and a deflating 5-1 scoreline, Rypien took it upon himself to demonstrate exactly what it means to be an NHL “tough guy” and then some when he sucker punched Brad Staubitz after a skirmish broke out on the ice.  As he was escorted from the ice to the locker room, Rypien’s inner Ron Artest was unleashed as he reached up into the stands and grabbed a Wild fan who was sarcastically clapping at the dismissal.  Thank God teammate Manny Malhotra had enough sense to grab Rypien before things escalated to the level of no return.

For all you irate readers out there who are thinking that fan and his friend got royally screwed as security escorted them from their seats, I have good news.  The fan was not asked to leave the building, but was simply reassigned a different seat.  If you ask me, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has to suspend Rypien for at least 10-15 games for this ridiculous stunt. If the commissioner fails to implement a lengthy suspension, he should at least force Rypien to wear his helmet around at all times for being a complete and utter idiot. I sure hope Rick Rypien has a good lawyer or at least a deep pocket-book because something tells me this fan might be in the suing mood if not given a little incentive to do otherwise.  That’s assault brotha!


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