Lebron’s Arrogance Bleeds On

Posted: October 18, 2010 in General Sports
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It’s been well documented that there are only a handful of blimps that exist in the world today and that’s not including the one’s you’ll run into at Old Country Buffet for the Sunday rib roast. However, it looks like we may need to add another tally to that total as the Lebron James ego blimp has officially overtaken more of our beautiful skies as he recently unveiled his new “South Beach” shoe (Nike Air Max LeBron VIII).  The shoes blinding pastel teal and flamingo pink colorway are believed to be inspired by Miami Vice, the Art Deco District and the Liberace house of crap.  The steep $160 price tag isn’t only segregating half of the sneakerheads out there on price difference alone, but the shoe is also clearly taking a shot at all those fans that missed out on “winning the Lebron James sweepstakes” with the painstaking color scheme and selective selling market.  It’s not like the basketball world needed another reason to hate Princess James, but it’s simply more ammunition for the public firing squad.


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