Randy Moss to Vikings: Let’s Get the Party Started in Here (Again)

Posted: October 15, 2010 in NFL
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The Minnesota Vikings traded for “The Freak” Randy Moss last week for what some would call highway robbery from the New England Patriots.  All the Vikings had to give up was a third round pick in 2011, but also received a seventh round pick in 2012.  It’s a homecoming for number 84.  From 1998 to 2004, Moss put up impressive numbers, catching 574 passes for more than 9,100 yards and 90 touchdowns.  We all remember his antics on and off the field.  There was never a dull moment with Moss’ tenure in Minnesota!

In his rookie year, he renewed the Packers/Vikings rivalry which had become dull in the mid-90s by going for two touchdowns and 190 yards against the Packers in his first Monday Night Football game.  In 1999, he was fined $25,000 for squirting a game official with a water bottle.  In 2002, then-head coach Mike Tice though it would be brilliant to instill a “Randy Ratio”, which tipped off every team on when the ball was expected to go to Moss based on statistics.  The ratio called for Moss to touch the ball 40% of the time.  Fortunately, this did not last the whole season.

In the same year, Moss thought it would be fun to play some human bowling and allegedly bumped a traffic control officer with his car in Minneapolis.  Then in 2004, there was Randy leaving the field early before halftime in a game against the Redskins.  Who knows what was waiting for him in the locker room?  The most memorable incident was the original “pants on the ground” during a wild card playoff game following the 2004 season against the rival Packers.  The only person who didn’t find it funny was FOX football commentator Joe Buck.  The horror of a football player pretending to pull their pants down to moon the crowd was just too much for Buck.  You would swear he wanted Moss jailed for life for pulling this stunt.  Well, boo hoo.

After the 2004 season, Moss was dealt to Oakland.  One could suspect the used car salesman owner Red McCombs was taking every significant expense off the books in preparation of selling the team.  This included Moss on the payroll.  McCombs ran the team much like a cheapskate.  He didn’t invest anything financially into the team.  No big contracts, no expansion or upkeep of facilities.  The Vikings ship that stands at the entrance to Winter Park was literally falling apart. It was symbolic of the franchise as it headed to the halfway point of the first decade in the new millennium.  The Vikings offense never achieved the same explosiveness after Moss left Minnesota.

If Moss had stayed in Minnesota the whole time, it’s fun to think of all the possible scenarios that would have happened with the team.  The number of championships won or records broken.  What would have really happened if Moss was involved in the “Love Boat” incident in 2005? Moss even admitted in a statement at his coming home press conference, “What if I’d have been on that boat? There really would have been some problems.”  Perhaps the boat cruise on Lake Minnetonka would have been the highlight of his career and may have defined the 50 year history of the Vikings.  There were women involved.  He loves the ladies as you can see below during his time in New England.

Throw in a few drugs, and you had a recipe for an epic boat party!  If Moss hadn’t been traded after the 2004 season, I’m sure he would have been traded or released sometime in 2005 since the Vikings no longer could put up with the frat party atmosphere.

With Moss back in the picture, the question now is how well he will click with Brett Favre, who has been advocating to have  Moss as a teammate going back to Favre’s days in Green Bay.  Moss’ relationship wore thin with the Patriots over time, especially quarterback Tom Brady, who Moss was quoted as making fun of Brady’s girlish haircut.

One thing is for sure, Vikings fans will be in for the ride of their lives in 2010.  Buckle up; it’s going to be an entertaining season!

– Ryan Schwartz (@RyGuyMN)

  1. If Brett Favre’s elbow can hold up, Moss should put up some huge numbers given Favre’s ability and willingness to throw the deep ball. When Sydney Rice comes back, the Vikings should have the best offense in football if everyone stays healthy. They will have Favre, Peterson, Rice, Moss, Shiancoe, and Harvin as All-Pro players.

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