J.J. Redick Set To Release Rap Album

Posted: October 6, 2010 in General Sports
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In the world of hip-hop music, I can only think of a handful of white rappers who were or are able to spit lyrics with the best of them.  That list starts and ends with Eminem!  Sure Vanilla Ice is white and attempted to rap, but when your claim to fame is a cameo in Ninja Turtles the movie, you’re definitely not a real OG.  If you’re Canadian, you might be familiar with the “great” Snow other than that I challenge you to find me others that failed to make my prestigious list.

Come on Mr. Mole, I read your column to find out the latest in sports information not to hear you rant and rave about terrible rap music.

Patience my son.

Anyways, fear not music enthusiasts as the next “White Squall” is simply hiding around the corner on the sandy beaches of Orlando, Florida.  Any idea who it might be?  You guessed right, it’s the Orlando Magic’s sharp shooting J.J. Redick.


Would I do such a thing?  Okay, that’s clearly a stupid question.  However, yes unfortunately it is true.  According to numerous reliable sources, Redick’s album is due to be released sometime before the end of 2010.  My guess is his agent is probably working on getting his featured hit single called “I’m a Dukie” into the newest Power Rangers movie.  Maybe?  Either way, I can’t imagine this tragedy will end well.  If Vanilla Ice couldn’t hack it in the game, it’s unlikely the palest of the pale will be able too.


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