Mike Tyson, Wayne Brady & Bobby Brown Starting A Boy Band?

Posted: September 30, 2010 in General Sports
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This has to be a dream right?  Better yet, will somebody please pinch me so I can awake from this horrible nightmare.  If you think any of the 50 Saw or I Know What You Did Last Summer movies were scary awful, I promise you they’re nothing compared to seeing Bobby Brown, Wayne Brady and Mike Tyson dressed in tight leather spandex as they attempt to recreate the “classic” Bobby Brown song “Every Little Step.”  The last time I recall seeing something this horrifying I believe it had something to do with two girls and one cup.  Despite being underly mortified at the site of Mike Tyson trying to bust a move in pants so tight that a wet seal couldn’t squeeze into, I have to give his PR team a standing ovation as they have done a fantastic job of making this once legendary boxer relevant again in today’s “mainstream” media.  However, I have to ask, ‘What happened to Burma Mike?”  To check out this once in a lifetime video CLICK HERE


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