Monumental Day For The Detroit Lions

Posted: September 16, 2010 in NFL
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The Detroit Lions.  What’s there to really say other than they’re the toilet bowl of the NFL?  How the team continually gets fans to show up on a week to week basis is beyond me unless they’re offering free food stamps with proof of ticket purchase.  After posting an impressive winless season in 08’ along with a stadium atmosphere that displays as much excitement as a hysterectomy, what do Lions fans really have to cheer about?  Think I’m kidding?  The NFL hates the city of Detroit so much that they even screwed them last weekend against the Bears when Calvin Johnson was denied an obvious touchdown due to his premature celebrating that resulted in an “incomplete catch.”  Well, at least the fans can watch the raw raw shish gombah, pom pom beauties prance around the field and I’m not referring to the players.  Wait! What?  Yes, that is correct.  The Detroit Lions are the only NFL franchise that doesn’t employ a squad of booty shaking get low, get low cheerleaders.  Jeez, the city of Detroit really is cursed……..until now.

Yes, you’re prayers have been answered Detroit!  This coming weekend when your cowardly Lions take the field to face the dog killer Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles, you’ll be the first to witness the debut of your recently acquired B caliber cheerleading squad known as the Detroit Pride.  Sounds like a crappy WNBA team, doesn’t it?   To show that the Lions are 100% behind the Pride, the organization implemented a set of rules that include: No performing of organized cheers. No obstructing of the fans views – since when is a nice badonka donk obstructing any fans view?  Group photos with fans are not allowed and the wearing of any Lions logos or team colors is not permitted.  Wow, on that note welcome to the team ladies.  Is the Lions organization serious?  Why even have cheerleaders if they’re not allowed to be associated with the team?  Since I’m a cynical ass hole, if I were the Detroit Pride, I would purposely go out of my way to ruin this monumental occasion by wearing Eagles colors along with numerous Eagles logos in peculiar spots if you know what I mean.  If you’re going to make an impression, it may as well be a lasting one.  Good luck ladies, make your first and last debut as Lions cheerleaders a memorable one.

  1. Mike Blake says:

    Well said, I like the blog and I can’t understand why fans still show up for their games. I recently wrote a post on the guy who supposedly walked 300 miles or so just to watch practice!! What is that guy thinking?? Anyways they have some die hard fans but maybe they see it as if the Saints can finally get out of the funk maybe they can too. I don’t know, maybe?

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