The King of Hop Spotted In Monaco

Posted: September 11, 2010 in General Sports
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Oh man!  You didn’t think I was referring to Michael Jackson did you?  Oh you did ?  That’s sad, cause any idiot knows his the King of Pop not Hop.  Anyhow, the real “King of Hop” is currently dealing with a plethora of off the court issues that include his underage sons $50,000 spending spree in Vegas, a deteriorating golf game that was never there and preparation for another long season with the Charlotte Bobcats

Well, how does a man of Michael Jordans stature deal with such nagging issues?  Excellent question, but I wouldn’t feel all too bad for His Airness as he took a few days to enjoy Monaco with his 30-year-old Cuban girlfriend Yvette Prieto.  I guess the old saying “the rich get richer” was in reference to Michael Jordan and his incredible ability to score with the sexiest of the sexiest.  Now, I know why Nike uses the slogan “Wanna be like Mike.”

  1. eurybe08 says:

    Great Post! I had so much fun reading this post, Nice question though how will they solve things and develop a cure.

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