Manchester United Star Caught Up In Prostitute Scandal

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Soccer
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We have to stop meeting under these circumstances Mole lovers.  However, duty calls and it looks like our friends across the pond are now baring witness to one of its greatest soccer stars being scrutinized by media for slapping skins with a hooker.  Manchester United’s star forward Wayne Rooney is under fire for making the beast with two backs with a 21-year-old prostitute while his wife was pregnant with their first child.  The prostitute who is known on Facebook as Juicy Jen is claiming that Wayne and her got freaky in one of Manchester’s most exclusive hotels and that she was even invited back to the superstars home for some shag sessions while his wife was away. 

Now, this isn’t the first time Wayne has been busted for hanging out with hookers.  It’s been reported that when Mr. Rooney was 16-years-old he admitted to dipping his crumpets in a 48-year-old prostitutes’ tea at a brothel in Liverpool.  These alleged rumors seem to make all the sense in the world as Wayne’s on field performance has been well off form the past several months.  In the wake of these allegations Wayne’s wife Coleen is currently residing at her parents home as she takes time to contemplate the future of her marriage to the fugly Wayne Rooney.  However, it looks as these waking revelations will end the two’s marriage and Wayne will be allowed to continue his hobby of shagging hookers.


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