Carmelo Anthony Puts 5k Bounty On Super Groupie

Posted: August 30, 2010 in General Sports
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We all knew the Denver Nugget’s Carmelo Anthony was hood, but this latest story featuring wife LaLa Vasquez, Kat Stacks, a bounty and himself promotes Melo to OG status.  Who is Kat Stacks?  That’s a terrific question and to be honest, she’s nothing more than a glorified home wrecking super groupie who’s looking for any way to become somebody through celebrity manipulation and controversy. 

With celebrities and athletes joining  Twitter in record numbers these days, it appears as if the social media platform is causing more problems than it might be worth.  This whole feud started when Kat Stacks asked the newly married Melo if “he tasted like caramel” and questioned his fidelity to La La.  Oh snap!  Breathe Melo, breathe.  This had to be the point where the angel appeared on one shoulder and the devil on the other. Clearly from what ensued we know who won that battle and Carmelo responded with extreme class and dignity when he tweeted: “I got 5k for whoever see @IHateKatStacks and slap the sh*t out her pigeon face ass.  Real talk.  U f*cked with the right one now.”  Wow, such hostility.  You think she hit a nerve with Melo?  Does Melo’s response make him appear guilty on the claim of infidelity or is this hostility expected, given the circumstances and Kat’s previous history?

Okay, well at this point I have to believe Melo took a dip in his pool, maybe did some jumping jacks or simply sobered up before realizing the storm he had just weathered.  In any case, Melo did exactly what any person who has ever said something stupid on Twitter does……..he claimed his account was hacked.  Brilliant, because that seem believable.  Does anyone honestly think Carmelo Anthony’s Twitter account was hacked?  Are Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny real?   Exactly.  Look, I have no problem with Melo putting this bounty on Kat Stacks head, hell  he simply did what so many others wish they would have done a long time ago.  If anything we should all take a second to give Melo a standing ovation.  However, if you’re going to make a bold statement like this at least have the balls to stand behind it.

I know people are going to give Kat Stacks the benefit of the doubt because she’s probably misunderstood or had something happen in her childhood that has her seeking attention now, but that’s pure trash.  First off, have you seen this woman?  She looks like a Mr.  Potato Head experiment gone wrong.  It doesn’t take a doctor to realize this lady has had a plastic surgery or 10 in her lifetime go astray.  Secondly, I have no respect for any human being who via her Twitter page says, “Don’t let my dimples fool you, I appear innocent on the outside, but inside I’m a evil cold hearted sneaky grimey street bitch.  All I know is money, all I know is evil.”  These comments simply ooze of class.  Can’t wait to introduce her to mom.  Knowing what I know about Kat Stacks, I’m pledging my allegiance to anything and everything not her.  I trust Kat’s word as much as I trust Fat Albert in a Krispy Kreme store.  It’s time for all these Twitter beefs to come to an end and the place to start is putting Ms. Stacks in Siberia where electronics have yet to be introduced.


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