Dana White & Mike Tyson In The Most Unintelligent Conversation Ever

Posted: August 25, 2010 in General Sports
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Nothing brings me more joy than to present to you one of the most unintelligent conversations in the history of the world that took place between world-renowned road scholars Dana White and “Iron” Mike Tyson.  Lucky for todays class note taking will be optional as the conversation is relatively easy to follow with the exception of the speech impediment Mike Tyson has likely due to his glory days of drug use. 

The conversation between these two covered a plethora of “riveting” topics including: James Toney’s UFC 118 fight with Randy Couture in the battle of the dinosaurs, a punching bag that Iron Mike has an undying love for and Dana Whites fascination with the word “f*ck.”  My biggest question is how did Dana get a hold of Tyson to set up this little meeting?  Now, I hate to bring up dirt from the past, but if I remember correctly, Mike made it very clear that his life long dream was to live in a hut in Burma?  Clearly that wasn’t the case.  Ya, not such a genius idea now that your sober is it?  Anyways, enjoy!


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